Architectural Metal

The uses for architectural metal products, and the options available, are limitless. Whether it is for a residence or to be used in a commercial or industrial application, the reflective qualities of metal make it an excellent choice for creating stunningly beautiful visuals that will endure. While just about any of the products Accurate Screen sells can be used in an architectural application, embossed, woven and perforated metal products are the most popular metals utilized by architects and designers for; infill panels, partitions, unique fencing applications, store fixtures, decorative accents, facades, backsplashes and countertops. For more information on our line-up of architectural metal, or to find out how many of our other products have been creatively utilized by designers and architects, give us a call.

The products shown below are our most commonly stocked inventory. Other patterns and alloys are available. Speak to your Accurate Screen Sales Representative about availability of other architectural metal products.   


PatternAlloyFinishGaugeSheet Size
1HM304SS#4223 x 10
5WL®304SS#4164 x 8
6WL®304SS2b224 x 10
6HC304SS#4224 X 10
1SLG304SS2b224 x 10
3QLT304SS#4224 X 10
RSS3304SS#4224 X 10
SandTex®304SS#4224 X 10



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